Bring to your attention Transport Exchange -!

Developers take the wishes of many companies working in the logistics industry and created a unique online product that combines all the necessary functions, as well as for finding a potential partner, setting the options you want to search. - a project created with the support of the Latvian Transport Union for shippers and carriers.
In our exchange consignors and transport operators can share information about their goods and free transport.

Under "Useful" you can find: information and law of CMR Convention; delivery conditions (Incoterms) describe different types of containers; Classification of Dangerous Goods (ADR).

Convenient Black list lets you easily find, whether your future partner or employee had the problems with other companies. Our traffic exchange is regularly used by many companies from different countries.

Just want to bring to your attention one of our sections - the "Companies catalogue", which gives you an excellent opportunity for a few minutes to find the necessary contacts without using intermediaries.